RA of the Month – October

An exemplary member of the RA team from the very beginning, this young man has proven to be very levelheaded and courteous. Have a sound grasp on assisting students in solving their problems without incident, here’s introducing our October RA of the month – Andre Stewart!
1. Why did you become an RA?
I became an RA because it gives the sense of being a part of a team or in our case a family. It offers me the chance to grow as an individual while helping others cope with the issues of being away from home. Also, before I applied, people would approach me thinking that I was an RA and talk to me about issues they faced. That led me to think “why not give it a shot?”.
2. What do you find most challenging?
I find time management to be the most challenging aspect. Even though I get things done on time I do believe there is room for improvements in that area and I am currently working on it
3. How does it feel to be recognized for your efforts?
I am extremely grateful for the recognition. It motivates me, because now I am reassured that my efforts are helping to make a difference.
4. What is your major?
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
5. How old are you?
I am 25 years old
6. What are your career goals?
To use the knowledge I have acquired in the field of technology both in class and outside to effect change in our technologically advancing world which will enable me to grow as a professional and provide me with career satisfaction.
7. What advice do you have for current and future RA’s?
My advice to RA’s, both current and future, is to perform your job always giving 100% and strive for excellence while maintaining a personable demeanor. This will allow you to maintain some level of relationship with the people you encounter daily and will make them less resentful to you being an authority figure. Also, since this job requires one to be team player, learn to operate in a team setting and be less individualistic. Most importantly learn as much as you can from the experiences you encounter and from the staff in Residence Life because this will help you to grow as an individual.

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