Monroe College Chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success

On Tuesday, November 13th and Saturday, November 17th, the Student Activities Office hosted orientation sessions for the students who were nominated for the National Society of Leadership and Success. The National Society of Leadership and Success is a nationwide community of college leaders dedicated to building leaders who make a better world. The Society was founded in 2001 by professional speaker Gary Tuerack, and provides programming events that positively impact people’s lives. We are excited to announce that Monroe College is a chapter of the National Society of Leadership and Success. The Office of Student Activities believes the introduction of the chapter help our students further develop their leadership skills. The students were nominated based on their academic performance (GPA of 3.3 and higher).

In order to be inducted into the Society, students must attend orientation; attend three speaker broadcasts with nationally known speakers; attend leadership training day: (a video training session that focuses on exploring challenges, recognizing strengths, identifying passions, and setting up a personal plan to initiate the change needed to move forward as a leader). Lastly students are required to form Success Networking Teams (SNT). SNT meetings teach members the “soft skills” of leadership imperative to success in nearly any venture. Team members learn to work within a team framework, provide peer coaching, set and achieve goals along specific timelines, and hold themselves and others accountable for results.

Besides acquiring leadership skills and networking there are various benefits our students will gain from being part of the society, these include scholarship and awards, improved communication skills and opportunity to hear some of the world’s leading presenters, authors, and success coaches! Nominations will be made every semester to students who meet the GPA requirement. We look forward to working with our students and advising them on their way to induction.

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