Allied Health Alumni share career advice with students

On Wednesday November 28th, The Office of Career Advancement along with the Alumni Office hosted an Allied Health Alumni Panel. The event was a huge success and consisted of six alumni panelists from various majors, all with different and unique work experiences to share with current students. The alumni panelists were as follows: Esmeralda Ramos, Rolando Alvarez, Ivelisse Guzman, Felicia Ward, Christina Bailey-Navarro, Shauntae Brown. There were over 100 students and faculty in attendance who listened to how the alumni went about obtaining their jobs, their daily job duties, and advice on how to be successful in the industry. One of the common themes was how critical it was to the alumni to have done an internship. The panelists all agreed that the internship experience helped to teach them what they liked and disliked in their chosen career paths as well as gave them hands on experience that was required for their jobs. Rolando Alvarez, a Public Health graduate mentioned his study abroad experience in the Dominican Republic as the key turning point in his career path. He said that the experiences he had there, from the unimaginable living conditions, to the extreme poverty, and the resiliency of the people enhanced his passion for the field. Another recurring theme was the passion that all of the panelists have for their fields. Christina Bailey-Navarro whom is currently a medical assistant described in detail and with enthusiasm some of her daily job duties which include taking patient’s vitals, drawing blood, and comforting them. It was very apparent how much she enjoys her job and interacting with different types of people. 
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