RA of the Month – September

Rosenel Joseph has been an RA for 4 semesters now and has been very consistent in her duties. Though Rose, as she is affectionately called, is enrolled in one of the more tedious programs – Nursing- she manages to balance her duties never missing a beat. This was abundantly evident in during the fall training and check in period. At first, Rose may seem soft spoken but she is able to hold her own in whatever situation/ task she is faced with. Here’s introducing our September RA of the month – Rosenel Joseph!

1.Why did you want to become an RA?
I became an RA because I wanted to help change the campus atmosphere for the better. As a regular student, there are a lot of things that you hear on campus but you necessarily don’t do anything or feel like you can do anything about it. By becoming an RA I took the initiative to do something about the things I am aware of, to cause a safer environment.

2.What do you find most challenging?
Dealing with different personalities can be very challenging. One treatment that works for one student is not necessarily going to work with another. At all times, I have to make sure that I treat all of the students as individuals. Even though they have the same grouses, the problem may need to be approached in a different way to prevent redirecting unconscious feelings towards that individual.

3.How does it feel to be recognized for your efforts?
Being recognized for my efforts gives me the encouragement to continue doing a great job.

4.What is your major?

5.How old are you?
I am 20 years old

6.What are your career goals?
My short term goal is to pass my state board exam and enter my profession. My long term goal is to be one the best nurses in this field. To not base the quality of care on the patient’s insurance but to treat him/her with respect and understand one’s life is precious.

7.What advice do you have for current and future RA’s?
As an RA you don’t have to tell the students “I’m THE BOSS” for them to listen to you. Respect should be gained and should be mutual. The students will test your patience, but just remember you are not alone; there’s a whole group of people who are here to help and security is only a call away.

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